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Case Study: Channel Optimization


Problem Statement:

Major bank lags competition in providing online sales and payment products. Also has failed to establish a Mobile text messaging infrastructure. Further the bank is rated in bottom quartile for account authentication and online fraud prevention.


Issue:  Customers reluctant to adopt the online channel.  Ineffective advocacy and investment for ecommerce.  Executive leadership uneasy with cyberspace.



Solution: Led enterprise-wide implementation of new products (payments) and services (transfers) to optimize the growth in online sales and adoption of the internet and mobile channels. Implemented forensic, two-factor authentication strategy and technology establishing branded security offering marketed as “SecurityPlus” and favorably recognized in the industry.


Results:  Online adoption doubled in two years, online sales revenue increased by 18% during same period. Online fraud losses declined by 25% and bank was rated in top quartile of secure banks for online.


How TTG Can Help You: The same expertise and thinking that drove those results would be deployed against your Channel Optimization problem, or upside opportunities. We will partner with you to create solutions that meet your needs, and fit your organization’s capabilities to execute.