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Enteprisewide Content Management - Case Study

Scenario: Customer has over 45% market share in Mid-Atlantic region and is a health care insurance provider. They are serving nearly 3.4 million members and employ more than 5,000 associates in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia, North Carolina and West Virginia However, customer was unable to share content and cross functional work products under current processes.  Enable an Enterprise-wide Content Management platform to improve the accessibility and service delivery of work products developed in the software applications department under the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) corporate initiative addressing:

  • a robust and up-to-date cross functional technology platform for all locations
  • improved customer satisfaction with on-time delivery of work products
  • quality delivery and flawless execution
  • cost reduction by leveraging services, expertise and resources

Symptom: The organization struggled with on-time product delivery.  Competitors are willing to take a financial lost highlighting a more robust service delivery to increase their market share. This created a significant risk to business retention.

Solution:  TTG expert and Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG) acting as process improvement change agents for the organization’s CMMI implementation provided an end-to-end solution emphasizing the restructuring of internal processes.   This included analysis, application design & development, testing and deployment services based upon the CMMI framework.  An inclusive Content, Change, Release Strategy, Plan & Process (defining inputs/outputs) delivered a:

  • comprehensive well-defined strategic shared services policy for Enterprise Content Management implementation
  • Enterprise Shared Services group (included Configuration, Testing, Release)
  • elevating the processes to an enterprise level
  • built a strong technology Change & Release Management Program for web-based, mainframe and distributed systems

Outcome: As defined under the CMMI v 1.2 the SEPG was able to operationalize:

  • a standardized Enterprise Content Management policy
  • a scaliable, Change Manage and Enterprise Content Management adoption
  • a significant reduction in cost was realized due to the introduction of repeatable processes with low re-work and the introduction of a suite of cross platform tools
  • a matured shared delivery process improved the services level and quality of  work products
  • in addition to a creation of a collaborative knowledge management database


How TTG Can Help You: The same expertise and thinking that drove those results would be  deployed against your Content Management Challenges. We will partner with you to create solutions that meet your needs, and fit your organization’s capabilities to execute.