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IT Cost Improvement - Case Study

Scenario: TTG experts have worked extensively in the application of these disciplines as well as our knowledge of leading practices to improve performance.  Our people supported organizations with the assessment, design, and implementation of processes, organization structures, measures, and technologies. For example, we assisted a global insurance company experiencing Mid-Range Server build process breakdowns, planning issues, excessive cycle time, and poor delivery performance.  We assessed their organizational structure, order entry, key supply chain/build processes and identified opportunities for improved alignment. These included the integration of operations planning and purchasing processes and a newly designed supply chain organization structure that drove significant improvements in process owner accountabilities and communications.   

Symptom:  It takes 208 days and 80 tracking requests; of which 27% of all requests require some form of rework to deploy a midrange server from need to implementation.

Problem Statement:
  The effectiveness and efficiency of server delivery and support processes are not well defined, nor optimized to allow for high quality or speed to market. In short the Total Cost of Server Ownership exceeded derived value.Issue: Too many process entry points, server build groups pulled into requirements too late, requirements too vague – non standard, cost estimates inaccurate, lack of clear accountabilities, lack of reliable forecast, lack of Standards, repeatable processes and communications and finally everything each server is built in a unique and custom manner.

   TTG people designed a new Lean Process based on an end to end workflow, clear and distinct responsibilities with embedded forecasting capability and finally expanded the performance monitoring and management metrics to ensure long term improvement.

   The server build cycle time was standardized, reduced to 10 days and rework was reduced to only 2%.

How TTG Can Help You: The same expertise and thinking that drove those results would be  deployed against your IT Cost Challanges. We will partner with you to create solutions that meet your needs, and fit your organization’s capabilities to execute.