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Case Study: Organic Growth


Problem Statement: Industry regulations virtually eliminated the capability to continue to drive enterprise growth through acquisition.  As a result the business strategy had to shift to driving growth organically.


Issue: Organic growth required a fundamental shift in focus to customer needs and relationship deepening.


Solution: Drove in-depth segmentation study to define customer opportunity groups in order to refine customer targets.  With targets defined, qualitative and quantitative studies, including very specific conjoint studies, were conducted to clarify customer requirements.  Those studies led to a strategic restructuring of value propositions which merged capabilities of various lines of business to more effectively deliver on holistic customer needs, versus independently delivering individual products, and services.  Messaging and media were highly efficient due to upfront work to clearly define the target audience.


Results: Net new account acquisitions doubled, year-over-year, 30% lower spending, and overall increases in revenue and net profits.


How TTG Can Help You: The same expertise and thinking that drove those results would be  deployed against your strategic marketing problem, or upside opportunities. We will partner with you to create solutions that meet your needs, and fit your organization’s capabilities to execute.