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IT Service Delivery Improvement - Case Study

Scenario: TTG experts have conducted business stakeholder assessments and have identified key wireless telecom Help Desk (HD) service opportunities and process gaps. We developed and applied an enhanced ITIL methodology to improve the quality of its processes. We have implemented a mechanism whereby we can capture, track and report on the customer’s overall experience. The result is an IT organization much more in sync with the business it serves – much more able to focus on recommending appropriate products and solutions for customers while increasing cycle times.


SymptomThe Telecom Wireless Help Desk (HD) suffered low customer satisfaction service ratings of 60-75%; at a 30-40% customer response rate.    (Rating was based on the average of categories:  Very Satisfied, Satisfied and Neither Satisfied or Dissatisfied.)


Problem Statement:  Telecom Wireless HD service faced a crisis marked by rises in customer complaints and cycle times. 


Issue:  Call scripts did not adequately help the agent ascertain the customer’s intended use, in order that they might recommend the proper product/solution and the available delivery mediums.


Solution:   Knowing we needed measurable and challenging goals, we set two objectives based on the actual situation: improve the quality of its processes and increase satisfaction ratings to an acceptable level.  Methods deployed to help improve the customer experience were:

1)    Worked with vendor to implement a tool to allow HD supervisor to monitor agent performance and view Real-Time Dashboards, so that they could hear and see how well agents were performing.

2)    Ensured that  survey comments were read daily and that there was a follow-up phone call to associates that left an unfavorable comment, to understand their experience and offer a remedy to  satisfy the customer and/or use their suggestion on how to improve the experience with the next customer.  Also share that  feedback with the rest of the team. 

3)    Conducted weekly review/progress meeting with my HD team lead to ensure quality improvement objectives were met.

Outcome:  In about 2 months, after increasing supervisory capabilities (quality monitoring and access to timely and actionable views of what’s going in their contact center), and by making other process improvements/modifications noted above,  an outstanding customer experience and optimized agent performance was achieved.   Customer Satisfaction ratings rose +90% during the period under review week over week, month over month.

How TTG Can Help You: The same expertise and thinking that drove those results would be  deployed against your Service Management challenge. We will partner with you to create solutions that meet your needs, and fit your organization’s capabilities to execute.