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Case Study: Supply Chain Operations

PROBLEM STATEMENT: Mergers & Acquisitions in the financial services industry pose several integration problems.  How can the acquired IT backbones be properly aligned against the business requirements?  How is enterprise connectivity between the business processes, channels, people and technology established?  How do you centralize and optimize operations to prevent data silos and deliver a unique customer experience?  How do you avoid profitability erosion resulting from untimely contract supplier rationalization? 


ISSUE:  The IT and Operations functions may not be where banks generate their profits, but it is certainly where they can lose them.  The more efficient a bank is at conducting its business, the greater the percentage of revenues that flow to the bottom line.  The ability to drive efficiencies, reduce risks and deliver true sustainable value will differentiate the successful from the mediocre. 


SOLUTION:  Drove strategic and timely integration of acquired electronic channels as part of the larger strategy for attracting and retaining customers.  Drove risk mitigation and regulatory compliance through operational focus in a timely manner.


Reviewed the series of complex activities necessary to avoid profit erosion including:  information technologies, back office, license transfers, terminations, right to use, supply base rationalization and maintenance agreements.  Focused on the different pricing from multiple suppliers along with differing licensing and contract language that could have negatively impacted profitability if not addressed promptly. 


RESULTS:  Reduced cost of acquisition by up to 40% by re-examining the entire procure to pay process including:



Supply Market Analysis         Supplier Enablement

Sourcing Strategy                  Catalog Management

Negotiations                          Non-catalog PO processing &
Supplier Selection                  approval
Contracting                           Order Fulfillment

Implementation                      Invoice Validation &                                                            Reconciliation



Procurement Tools Roll-out & Upgrades

Procurement Tools Maintenance

Business Intelligence Tools

Asset Management Services


How TTG Can Help You:
  The same expertise and thinking that drove these results would be deployed against your strategic procurement initiatives.  We will partner with you to create solutions that meet your needs and increase the capabilities of your team to execute successfully.