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Case Study:  Technology Rationalization

Scenario:  TTG people on the behalf of a medium sized measurement company were asked to leverage proprietary audit and assessment techniques measuring cost and value.  By taking a diagnostic data driven approach to fully understanding the root cause we were able to provide deeper insight into the viability of whether or not their in-place portfolio management practices were adequate and sufficient.

Symptom:  32% of all new systems brought online failed within 3 business days, existing systems availability dropped by 13% and the backlog of application changes doubled.

Problem Statement:  The in place processes and aligned resources could not scale up to support the growth encountered as the business expanded staff, products and customers.

Issue: As new business and IT staff were hired and teams empowered to purchase new technology to support business growth critical task required to assess, map and evolve business rules never occurred.   The resulting impacts experienced were system/business functional overlap, competition for constrained resources and competency gaps in the areas of system architecture, engineering and testing.

Solution:  Implemented a rationalization initiative leveraging business-driven planning and design approaches which apply solution and infrastructure reuse techniques via the identification of shared business processes and systems elements.  Additionally, by applying simplification techniques we were able to identify commonalities (patterns) that emerge from examining existing elements and incorporating new functionality to reduce complexity and drive optimized reuse of the resulting common elements.  Finally, the resulting capturing of business and IT processes, via our Six Sigma process improvement techniques we were able to fully address the staffing/skill gaps, resources allocation short falls, system failures and availability issues.

Outcome:  The Company achieved a 37% reduction in unnecessary systems and thereby garnering a 52% reduction in overall cost.  Additionally, we accomplished a 100% rate of successful systems implementations and restored the production systems availability to 99.98%.


How TTG Can Help You: The same expertise and thinking that drove those results would be deployed against your technology challenges. We will partner with you to create solutions that meet your needs, and fit your organization’s capabilities to execute.