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Case Study: Organizational Transformation


Problem Statement: Given the rate of hyper-change in the world today, all organizations are being impacted by higher levels of uncertainty in their competitive environments. This has caused diminishing levels of performance.


Issue: As a result, they are increasingly unprepared in a timely manner to address the organizational changes needed to close the growing gap between increasing levels of strategic uncertainty and operating performance.


Solution: In today’s technology-driven world, business life cycles have accelerated exponentially. Being in this world of hyper-change, business leaders see change as way of life. However, as a result, execution is compromised. Old ways of planning, organizing and controlling simply do not work.

Extensive analysis has proven that the Number One reason most businesses under perform is due to poor execution. The basic problem today is that managers know more about strategy formulation than implementation. Much more is known about planning than doing, about strategy development versus making strategy work. Making the plan work is an even bigger challenge than creating the plan.

Execution is the discipline of getting things done. It’s putting people, strategies and processes into motion to produce the results organizations need and want. It’s about turning ideas into action and creating a state of being that will permeate and transform an entire organization. The key to high performing organizations is having great leaders at every level of the organization who can and will get everyone to execute.


Results: TTG offered a modular approach to audit, design, execute and maintain a high performing EverChanging Organization (ECO). The execution phase builds on:


*  Organization-wide audit results using the latest in e-survey tools to identify strengths and opportunities.

*  62% or better overall employee audit participation or engagement around the significant issues and challenges facing their respective business units.

*  Year to year trending comparisons that yield important data on operational improvements.

*  Organizational design that identifies critical areas impacting strategic and operational results and create priorities around key initiatives where action can be taken to better align strategic initiatives with operational goals.

*  Develop problem solving Insights that provide specific prescriptive action steps related to negatively assessed items or gaps. Able to deploy an online action-planning system that build’s employee ownership and accountability for results.

*  Extensive Data Reporting of over  20 online (real-time) ‘domain specific’ reports containing overall scores by department are available, with executive sponsor approval, to any  individual from board members, executives, managers and front-line professional staff.

*  Organizational Execution that implements the key initiatives based on the priorities created in the Design Phase, measure and report quarterly performance results.



How TTG Can Help You: The same expertise and thinking that drove those results would be deployed against your Organizational Transformation challenge. We will partner with you to create solutions that meet your needs, and fit your organization’s capabilities to execute.